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The Purpose.

Welcome! We are App Team Carolina, a student iOS development team based out of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. We aren’t like any regular student organization… Here at App Team, we run like a company, where the people are at the heart of our work. Our team is multifaceted, as we train students in the arts of iOS development and UI/UX design to create exciting apps for anyone and everyone to enjoy. Read below to learn more about us!

Lightbulb IconLearn

We strive to provide quality education pertaining to the iOS app-making process from design to development. Our curriculum covers a wealth of information that you will not learn in Computer Science classes, and our passionate and hardworking instructors strive to provide you with the most successful learning environment possible.

Lightbulb IconDesign

We hold high standards for the look and feel of our products because we know that apps must be intuitive, attractive, and exciting in order to be successful. We strive to provide unique design insight to our members, and we encourage all members to gain an understanding and respect for the importance of good design.

Lightbulb IconDevelop

We provide iOS developers of all skill levels the opportunity to improve their programming skills and ultimately produce real apps with our team. Our team is a welcoming community for iOS developers and enthusiasts to learn, grow, and create together while gaining the skills necessary to be successful in the industry.

The Structure.


Lightbulb IconiOS Academy

Learn the fundamentals of building high-quality iOS applications with Swift, SwiftUI, and Xcode. iOS Academy members gain experience turning app ideas into reality.

Alec Nipp

Alec Nipp, iOS Academy Lead


Lightbulb IconUI/UX Academy

Become proficient in the craft of designing amazing digital products. Design Academy members learn the fundamentals of creating top-tier user interfaces and user experiences.

Alec Nipp

Morgan Roberts, UI/UX Academy Lead


Lightbulb IconiOS Apprenticeship

Transform your fundamental iOS development knowledge into mastery with this project-focused education experience. Build real, impressive iOS apps while solidifying the basics, and learning advanced concepts.

Alec Nipp

Sam Shi, iOS Apprenticeship Lead


Lightbulb IconClient Team

Experience the rewarding process of bringing a client's vision to life with an expert team of developers, designers, and product managers. It doesn't get any closer to real-world industry experience than this.

Alec Nipp

Mackenzie Perry, Production Lead

Alec Nipp

Morgan Roberts, Production Lead

Alec Nipp

Noah Frahm, Production Lead


Lightbulb IconStart-up Team

Exercise your creative freedom by working with a seamless and experienced team of developers, designers, and product managers to build apps that are completely original.

Alec Nipp

Kush Shah, Production Lead

The Products.

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Centible IconLuminary

Started Spring 2023

This app aims to make navigating UNC's campus more accessible for those with mobility limitations. It allows users to find accessible routes curated to their specific needs and report accessibility concerns and barriers, which are displayed in a real-time feed.

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Centible IconCentible

Started Spring 2022

This app helps college students manage their finances and build toward a healthy financial lifestyle by syncing with their banks to track spending and allowing the user to sort their transactions into custom categories.

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Bubbly IconBubbly

Started Fall 2021

This is an iPad game consisting of targeted brain training exercises to help improve vision in children and adolescents with Cortical Visual Impairment (CVI), a disorder that is caused by damage to the parts of the brain that process vision, which disrupts the brain's communication with the eyes.

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We are no longer accepting applications for Fall 2023

Applications Due

September 4 at 11:59pm

Behavioral Interviews

September 7-11

Technical Interviews

September 12-16

Decisions Released

September 19